Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Quinn Foley


A heart with a wired and clay structure containing dog tags.

Emotional Rollercoaster


Blooming Rose

The relic for my final is a dried rose petal from a friend. I made something similar to a porcelain egg that opens up and there is something inside, except its a rose instead.

Pressed Flowers

My relic was a pressed flower.


This snowflake was made out of seven different materials. In the center of the snowflake a pair of snowboarding goggles can be hung.  I choose to create a snowflake because this will make me think of snowy weather every time I see it.

"Music Box"

My Relic was my ipod, but more the Music on my ipod, I used clear acrylic Paint to make a cool brush texture over the lyrics on the inside of the box and the pictures on the outside, symbolizing that you see the band itself on the outside, but the meaning is with in the lyrics, and you have to look inside to see the meaning of that band, so I chose the most artistic band I liked which was the Gorillaz, and chose some songs I liked and that mean something to me.




The relic that I chose is a ring that I've worn for a large portion of my life. The "flower bud" shape of the sculpture helps to represent my personal growth as well, and the relic helps to further emphasize that.

My Final

 Rubik's Cube
                                                  This is my abstract Rubik's Cube. Enjoy!


The relic of this sculpture is a tiny pillow representing comfort and childhood. Growing up I used to take a pillow and blanket up a special tree in my backyard and take naps in it. The roots of this tree are protecting my memory from dangerous, unknown things in the future.